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Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed from New York City Hall After 187 Years


NEW YORK, NY- Thomas Jefferson’s banishment from New York City Hall is complete.
Crews on Monday moved a statue of Jefferson from the Council Chambers where it stood for 184 years.
The statue is headed to its new home at the New-York Historical Society after a public art board listened to objections about its position in the heart of the city government. Opponents argued that Jefferson, as a slaveholder, failed to heed his own words that “all men are created equal.”

“This was a slaveholder who owned over 600 human beings,” said Council Member Adrienne Adams.
But the statue’s removal was decried by largely conservative or far-right people on Twitter.
GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw responded with a dig at New York City itself, courtesy of a quote from Jefferson himself.

Kyle Becker, a conservative journalist, wrote the statue’s removal was not a condemnation of slavery, but of liberty.

“Despite being a flawed man, Thomas Jefferson did more to emancipate mankind – including slaves – than anyone else of his era,” he tweeted.

But not all of Twitter was opposed to the removal or saw it as a sign of historical revisionism.
“Anyone who questions why this is happening and truly believes Thomas Jefferson is a good man should read his thoughts on slavery in ‘Notes on The State of Virginia’ it’s not even questionable, just disgusting,” one person tweeted.

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