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‘The Other Man’: The romantic triangle gets a non-normative treatment in this novel


“Sir . . . Punjabi Clooney, may I leave?”

Ved looked up from the neat stacks of paper on his desk to find his secretary, Sheetal, standing in the doorway to his office with a big-dimpled smile. She hung back, with one foot placed slightly beyond the door’s frame.

A quick glance at the clock on the wall confirmed what Ved had been dreading all day – the weekend had officially begun. Realising that his failure to respond immediately was only making Sheetal feel more awkward, Ved scrambled with a rising blush colouring his cheeks on being likened to the rakish Hollywood star. “Er…yes, Sheetal. Thank you, that’s all for today.” As an afterthought he added, “Have a nice weekend.”

“You too. May I offer some advice to my very hardworking boss?”

Without waiting for him to answer, Sheetal continued, “Ved, you practically own this company. Shut off your computer and get out of this cursed building! I’m sure whatever work you have can wait until Monday. It’s not like you have to impress your boss or anything. If I were a millionaire businessman, I would be outta the office on Friday as soon as the clock hit five.” She gave a quick wink before…

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