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Covid: Commuters in Maharashtra local trains must be completely vaccinated, says government


The Maharashtra government on Tuesday announced that complete vaccination against Covid-19 will be mandatory for everyone, including essential workers, who want to travel in local trains in the state.

Earlier, residents engaged in essential services and government employees were allowed to board local trains, irrespective of their vaccination status. Others were allowed to board local trains only if they had taken taken both doses of the vaccine and more than 14 days had elapsed since the complete vaccination.

वैद्यकीय सेवा, दूरसंचार क्षेत्र, गॅस पुरवठा, जलपुरवठा क्षेत्रातील कर्मचारी तसेच शासकीय अधिकारी-कर्मचारी आदींना आता कोरोना प्रतिबंधक लसीच्या दोन्ही मात्रा घेणे अनिवार्य करण्यात आले आहे. अत्यावश्यक सेवेतील अशा व्यक्तींनाच आता रेल्वे प्रवासासाठी पास उपलब्ध केले जातील.#Vaccination pic.twitter.com/7INlHinVRd

— MAHARASHTRA DGIPR (@MahaDGIPR) October 26, 2021

Maharashtra Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte’s order said that a considerable amount of time had passed since the vaccination drive began, and that the programme has been conducted at a very rapid pace.

The state government’s order said that its definition of a vaccinated person includes “people who have completed both doses of the vaccine and 14 days have elapsed since the administration of the second dose”.

It further noted that includes “people who cannot take the vaccine due to medical reasons and people who cannot take the vaccine due to…

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