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All communities in Kashmir need solidarity – the majority as well as minorities


Minorities in Kashmir, especially Kashmiri Pandits, lament that the majority in the Valley have not shown enough solidarity after the recent spate of targeted attacks. Why is this demonstration of togetherness and sharing in moments of grief necessary?

Twelve civilians have been killed in Kashmir since October 2, most of them minorities and non-Kashmiris living and working in the Valley. It is presumed that these killings were carried out by Kashmiri Muslim militant groups – although some, including former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah, have raised doubts about the source of violence.

However, if minorities in Kashmir are killed, it is only humane that Kashmiri Muslims, who form the majority in the Valley, extend their sympathy and solidarity.

A principle, once established, should be respected and executed everywhere: if a member of the minority community is targeted, members of the majority have a moral duty to come forward and stand with them. Because, more often than not in the subcontinent, violence is carried out in their name. When the majority mourn the death of their minority neighbour, they reject the killers’ claim to speaking in their name.

We need a neighbourhood for this expression of solidarity. I am thinking about those who are known as…

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