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Why #Boycottshahrukhkhan Is Trending On Twitter After Indians Blame Him For Defaming India


With SRK returning to the screens after a hiatus with Pathan, there’s a weird trending term which has taken over social media. Normally we see a positive kind of publicity for a superstar like him and a big budget project but oddly, Twitter has been all about him being bashed in a controversy that’s stirred up a storm.

Turns out, people are digging videos and images from the actor’s past and blaming him collectively for all the apparent hurt and disregard he has caused in terms of speaking in favour of Pakistani cricketers and opening up about intolerance in India. Here’s what these examples look like:

Before supporting anyone
I am a Proud Indian and Hindu

SRK Called India ‘Intolerant’ when every Muslim is having full freedom
Says Pakistani players should be picked in IPL

Changed the name from Mir ranjan negi to kabir Khan in chak de#BoycottShahRukhKhan pic.twitter.com/trbYI2S1Vb

— TA (Animal Lover) (@Tirlovesha) September 16, 2021

Bollywood People are running movie jehad against Hindu. I requests to all INDIANs #BoycottShahRukhKhan and Entire #Bollywood for Next 10 Years The garbage of #Bollywood will be Cleared Automatically. pic.twitter.com/HH0b2vRRZE

— Rudresh Bhatt (@Rudreshbhatt8) September 16, 2021 

Some are sharing his old picture with Pakistani PM Imran Khan and questioning his love for India, calling him a traitor, while others blame him for disrespecting Hindu culture.

These bollywood stars never miss an opportunity to defame Hindus and India culture. @beingarun28
#BoycottShahRukhKhan #BoycottShahRukhKhan pic.twitter.com/PUzftQTehx

— Anil CB. (@ACB_2095) September 16, 2021

hi INDiA News On The Go...

Religious fanaticism, anti-national acts, pro-Pakistan & anti-Indian stance and his regular acts of singing paeans praising Pakis who indulge in brazen anti-India acts – ALL these are reasons why I say out loud:#BoycottShahRukhKhan.

And I repeat:#BoycottShahRukhKhan pic.twitter.com/pRatRSwctI

— CHAKRADHARI (@Chakradhari_9) September 16, 2021

Naturally, like two sides of the same coin, there are some big SRK fans who took this opportunity to highlight how he is actually an asset for the country, and not a disgrace.

Viewpoint of most famous India Actor in Hollywood #WeLoveShahRukhKhan
SRK PRIDE OF INDIA pic.twitter.com/9h1U7PNP6b

— Missing Abhijeet (@missingabhijeet) September 16, 2021

at least he didn’t make these movies for election propagandas or box-office. @iamsrk #WeLoveShahRukhKhan
SRK PRIDE OF INDIA pic.twitter.com/wOranmovsi

— ☽ (@weirdooops) September 16, 2021

The war was further fuelled by some people who then blamed the actor for defaming Ashoka’s name when he took up that movie.

SRK show our hindu king ashoka in bad light… Where Ajay devgn and Akshay Kumar making movies on Tanhaji and Prithviraj chauhan he is making movie on pathan…I mean its spy action movie so why dont they give him hindu name, Why praising pathan in india. #BoycottShahRukhKhan pic.twitter.com/TTQJNZD9cx

— axay patel (@akki_dhoni) September 16, 2021 

No one knows the root of how this controversy has begun and where it is going, but for now, social media is all about SRK’s lovers and haters uniting to make his name go viral.

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