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I Test-Drove The Frankie Shop’s New Arrivals, and What the Hell—They’re Awesome


Welcome to The Great Try-On. With fall on the horizon, we seized the opportunity to try on some of the best fall pieces from some of your favorite brands, documenting the process along the way. We believe that the most foolproof way to shop online is to see an item IRL and to read candid reviews, so we hope that this leads you to some successful fall purchases.
I felt like I won the jackpot when senior editor Allyson Payer, who is the mastermind behind The Great Try-On, told me I was the lucky editor who would get to test-drive The Frankie Shop’s new arrivals. It’s a fashion person’s brand (industry insiders are very loyal followers), but its minimal-cool aesthetic is approachable to a wider spectrum of people, too. I also love how the brand feels perfectly current but steers away from super trendy. In other words, once you find your perfect The Frankie Shop piece, you’ll want to wear it for many seasons to come. Speaking of your ideal item, read on to see if any of my favorites from my test-drive might be yours too.

My review: When you think of a leather vest, a moto vest might come to mind, but wow, this is so much better. The design is understated and sleek, and the fact that it’s in leather adds a touch of edge. I want to wear this now and can picture still being into it 50 years from now. It’s the kind of thing Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen would wear. It’s pretty roomy, so you could easily fit a chunky sweater or even a coat underneath. I also liked that you can zip it from the top and the bottom, so you can leave just a little bit zipped at the bust. 

My review of the blazer: One thing I love about The Frankie Shop is that its cuts are always on point. When it comes to blazers, that means perfectly oversize and slouchy pieces that won’t overwhelm you. The materials are punching above their weight, too; they clearly look more expensive than they are. The thing about this blazer, though, is that you have to get the matching vest. I’m sorry—I don’t make the rules. The three-piece suit just happens to be the look right now. It’s sold out in the beige, but I think the darker color looks excellent for fall. 

My review of the vest: 2021 is the year of the suiting vest. If the shrunken ones feel too ’90s (I do think they are harder to pull off), may I suggest an oversize blazer vest like the one I’m wearing? As for styling, I decided to really commit by adding a little vest underneath. Why the heck not?  

My review of the trousers: These pants are the bomb. They’re high quality and very on-trend. I swear everyone wants baggy trousers right now. That might be why they’re sold out, but The Frankie Shop is known for its trousers, so the brand has lots of other great options. I’m 5’4”, and they’d work best with heels so they aren’t dragging. I’m wearing a size medium here and would normally take a small, so they may sit higher on the waist in your correct size.

My review: Here’s yet another faux-leather vest, and it won’t be the last one. This one’s most compelling feature is the funnel neck. I found it looks best half unzipped and flipped up a little. It’s a bit oversize, so I like the look of pairing it with skinnier pants to play on the proportions. And just like all of The Frankie Shop’s vegan leather, the quality feels super luxe. 

My review: This cargo vest has it all: pockets, epaulettes, and quality vegan leather. There are about a million ways to style it, but I am partial to how it looks over a trench coat. Like the other vests, it definitely runs oversize. The black is an easy choice, but I’m also quite smitten with the army green.

These pants are $100. That seems underpriced, so I’m going to get my pair while they’re still in stock.

Hello, fall. We’re ready for you now.

The black leather blazer in my closet just got jealous.

The bold-shoulder tank has been replaced by the super-chic tee version.

The fall basic you’ll wear until it’s falling apart.

Luxe traveler coming through.

While you’re at it, the matching button-down isn’t a bad idea.  Next up, I Got to Try On Whatever I Wanted From Reformation—These 7 Pieces Won Me Over

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