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How Bangladesh became a global paragon of economic development – and 11 other weekend reads


In the New Yorker, Adam Kirsh explains how Millman Perry proved that the Iliad and the Odyssey were not written by the same person. In the Guardian, Mark Blyth asks: The G7 helped to build this low-tax world. Are they really ready to change it?In the Harvard Political Review, Tarun Timalsina interview Steven Pinker on effective altrusim.In a crisis, India’s Modi could always change the narrative, writes Mujib Mashal in the New York Times. Then came Covid.The demolition of National Archives annexe is an avoidable tragedy argues Neeti Nair in the Indian Express.The Chinese economy is a clear winner from Covid-19 while India is an also-ran, argues Shankar Acharya in the Business Standard.Shukto, a distinctly bitter stew made with a medley of vegetables, is one of the most iconic dishes of the Bengali kitchen. But, there is no one way to make food laced with sentimentality writes Priyadarshini Chatterjee in the Mint.Why did Sikh protesters storm the Red Fort in Delhi in January? In Journal 18, historian Abhishek Kaicker explains how history from the eighteenth century informs memory in the twenty first in driving modern politics.In the Business Standard, TCS Raghavan reviews a new biography of Mohamed Ali Jinnah by Pakistani lawyer and commentator Yasser Latif Hamdani.Does the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson play dumb in order to cleverly play a populist role in a country seeing…

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