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what’s outside the universe?


Hi guys have you ever thought what lies outside the universe Lets see

Today there are many mysteries in our universe  According to physics we don’t know what is dark matter, Dark energy, and we don’t know how atom’s electron behaves bizarrely that just for second hear and another second vanished and at the same time present at two giggles, even we don’t know how electromagnetism stronger than gravity in close range and why BigBang appears.

There are some theories which beliefs the existence of 12 dimensions in reality which makes everything together, but wait a minute why 12 dimensions because according to string theory, if the number is less or more than 12 dimensions then the universe will not be stable mathematically.

Took that string calculation, 12 dimension is important

(12 Different Dimension  / Image Source Google)

What is String Theory?

(Bubble of the universe in Hyperspace medium / Image Source Google)

Basically in this theory, the matter that means the particle is considered as a string and their vibrations (which are in space) were considered as energy.

In this theory, our Universe is considered as a big bubble among groups of different bubbles floating in hyperspace medium. This Universe bubble kept growing up just like a balloon 

(Bubble of Universe / Image Source Google)

The bubble of our universe kept expanding which make the distance between stars and the universe. The same phenomenon you will observe in a balloon when you will expand. The distance between the two points will increase whereas there is no point from which balloon is not expanding, therefore, Bigbang doesn’t have any point of space which is not expanding. Space is expanding from everywhere.

Dark energy expanding our space from everywhere but of course, we cannot see them, in fact, we cannot see 3 dimensions.

some scientist believes that dark matter is of another dimension mass and because of that we cannot see them but just feel the gravity and of course, gravity is the only which affect every dimension which is weird but that makes science more interesting.

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