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Call For Federal Justice3 Department Probe to Investigate C.A.I.R. Funding of Chicago Resolution R2020-583



CHICAGO,IL – Dr. Bharat Barai, Chairman, US-India Friendship Council called for a Federal Justice Department investigation into the role of Council on American-Islamic relations (CAIR) .

CAIR: Council on American Islamic Relations have announced that they have sponsored the City of Chicago Resolution R2020-2583 which is being introduced by 49th Ward Alderman Maria Hadden. “ The flow of Middle Eastern money to CAIR which is influencing U.S. elections and fund such hate resolutions in cities like Chicago, need to be condemned. The funds of a not-for-profit organization should not be used for partisan politics or hateful extremist religious agenda” added Dr. Barai.

United Indian American Community of Chicago’s Sohan P Joshi appealed to all the Chicago Aldermen not to sow seeds of hate among the Indian American Community. Sohan Joshi said that this Chicago Resolution R 2020- 583 effectively divides our Indian American Community on religious lines.

“We Hindus Muslims Christians, Sikhs, Jains and Aga Khanis want to continue to be united and live together peacefully in Chicago” added Sohan Joshi.

Leontine Horn, Senior Community Activist of 49th Ward Chicago said that 49th Ward Alderman Maria Hadden did not consult her residents on this hate resolution. Ms. Horn said that she wants the world to know that residents of 49th ward are not haters but a peace-loving inclusive community.

Amitabh Mittal , Secretary, U.S. India Friendship Council said that the City of Chicago has never ever introduced a resolution on the internal affairs of any country. This Chicago City resolution targeting India, the world’s largest democracy is uncalled for.

Nirav Patel, President of Asian American Store Owners Association with a membership of over 2,600 retail store owners in the State of Illinois, said that the resolution are R2020-583 introduced by 49th Ward Alderman Maria Hadden is erroneous and parts of the resolution are not factual. He added that Alderman Maria Hadden has introduced a resolution which is full of hate against India and contains misleading,false statements.

Ms Urvashi Butt, a Social Worker Resident of 49th Ward said that Alderman Maria Hadden have many issues in our ward, which are not being attended to. For example, need for a crosswalk for Seniors across the senior residence building at 6400 North Sheridan and other Senior buildings in our Ward. Ms. Butt asked Alderman Maria Hadden to attend to 49 ward resident’s problems instead of introducing a hate resolution about India which is 10,000 miles away and where She and the City of Chicago has no mandate whatsoever.

Community leaders of City of Chicago and Residents of 49th Ward including Harender Mangrola, Vijender Doma,Major Rakesh Asthana, Alli Dhanaraj, Nilabh Dubey , Rani Yousefzai among others expressed their pain and anguish about this hate resolution citing the recent Asian-American hate violence in Atlanta.

Nirmala Reddy , a women activist warned Alderman Maria Hadden and other Chicago Alderman who support this divisive resolution R 2020 – 583, that’s passing of this resolution on March 24th will spark hate and violence among the peace-loving United Indian American Community of Chicago. Let us not have another Atlanta Asian American hate violence crime in Chicago, she added.

Several Community activists are planning to protest on Monday, March 22nd between 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in front of 49th Ward Alderman Maria Hadden’s office on 1447 West Morse Avenue Chicago Illinois 60626.

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