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‘Nothing has ever been done in Russia of that scale’: Producer ahead of ‘Fire’ release


A still from 'Fire' (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Washington [US], October 28 (ANI): Ahead of the release of a big-budget movie titled ‘Fire’, Russian production and distribution company Central Partnership CEO Vadim Vereshchagin said that nothing has ever been made in the country at this scale.
According to Variety, the company is hoping that the high-octane actioner about heroic smokejumpers racing against disaster will make it big at the box office.
Central Partnership CEO Vadim Vereshchagin said the production of ‘Fire,’ which was filmed in the spring and summer of 2019, is all but unprecedented in terms of its scope and technical complexity. “Nothing has ever been done in Russia of that scale,” he said.
The production received both advisory support and equipment, including specialised aircraft, from Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations and Fire and Aviation Management. “We actually have real planes, real helicopters, that are actually used to put out those forest fires,” said Vereshchagin. “The scenes are breathtaking. But also it’s a very emotional story at the end of the day.”
The production team constructed a sprawling woodland set in the Siberian wilds, using cut trees and crafty stage design. Adding to the film’s authenticity, the actors performed most of their own stunts while an actual fire blazed around them, with limited use of visual effects, as per Variety. (ANI)

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