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Make sure your cosmetics are free of this constituent!


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Washington D.C. [USA], September 10 (ANI): While cosmetics can help in giving a glow and bounce to dull and lifeless skin, some of the harmful constituents can rather increase skin irritation and cause problems.
One such constituent according to recent research is a bacterium Pluralibacter.
Since its introduction in 2005, an increasing number of products posing a microbiological risk have been notified via the European rapid alert system for consumer products “Safety Gate” (formerly RAPEX).
Ten cosmetic products listed in the RAPEX database were affected by confirmed contamination with P. gergoviae.
If products contaminated with P. gergoviae are used, the bacterium can enter the body via open wounds or the mucous membranes. Severe infections may develop in people with pre-existing conditions.
In the opinion of the BfR, externally applied cosmetic products should be free of P. gergoviae in order to avoid a health risk for humans.
The health risks associated with the use of such cosmetic products cannot currently be quantified due to the lack of reliable data. (ANI)

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