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IADO Endorses Paras Parekh for Lake County Board


Paras Parekh

CHICAGO, IL – the Indo American Democratic Organization (IADO) is excited to announce our endorsement of Paras Parekh for Lake County Board, who is the Democratic nominee for Lake County Board’s 12 District seat.

“Paras is a friend and advocate of the South Asian American community in Illinois,” said Susan Patel, IADO Board President. “Lake County is home to a fast growing South Asian American and Asian American community, and Paras can make history as the first Asian American elected to the Lake County Board.”

Paras is on the ballot for this November 3, 2020 presidential election, along with the presidential and other local races.

“I’m proud to receive this endorsement by IADO,” said Paras Parekh. “For years, IADO has done the vital work of supporting candidates like myself, and ensuing our elected leadership reflects the values of our communities. I’m ready to forge a new path for Lake County where we focus on job creation, protecting our environment, equity, and ethics and accountability. I thank IADO for their partnership and look forward to forging this new path together.” Parekh added. Established in 1980, the Indo-American Democratic Organization is one of the oldest South Asian American political organizations in the United States. Led by a board of directors, IADO engages South Asian Americans in the political process, recruits and endorses candidates for public office, and advocates for progressive policies aligned with our community’s values