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Celebration of Father’s Day and Birthday Meeting by Indian Seniors of Chicago Hosted by Zoom Video

CHICAGO, IL- Birthday Meeting of Indian Seniors of Chicago Hosted by Zoom Video Conferencing on Saturday, June 13, 2020. In which about 165 members participated. This was the first experience of the birthday program so the number of members was relatively small. Today’s birthday program was successfully managed by Mr. Nalin Shah. Narasimhabhai Patel informed about the birthday program organized by Zoom Video Conferencing.

After that, the director of the birthday program, Shri Nalin Shah, asked Shri Bhupendra Suthar to offer interfaith prayers and chant Shri Hanuman Chalisa. Among the special personalities he sang well were Sant Shri Kabir, Shri Kantibhai Patel and Mahaprabhuji Shri Vallabhacharya. Shri Sharadbhai Shah gave a beautiful speech.

Mr. Bipin Shah gave a beautiful speech on the occasion of Father’s Day. He said that FatherDay has been celebrated in America since the time of President Johnson, which is also celebrated in many countries of the world today. They gave beautiful information about the place and importance of the father in the family.

The names of the senior brothers above 80 years of age were then announced by Mr. Manubhai Shah and honored by the utterance of Happy Father’s Day. Survey members applauded with a round of applause. Shri Bhupendra Suthar honored the survey by singing “Maki Mahima, Sub Hi Sunaye, Mein Batlayu, Kaya Pita” Roti Kapda Aur Makaan, Parivarko Sara Jahan Hai Pita “.

Mr. Bhupendra Suthar and Mr. Arvind Kotke mentioned the names of the seniors whose birthdays come in the month of June, and wished the survey members collectively by singing ‘Bar Bar Yeh Din Aaye — Happy Birthday to You’.

The entertainment program was conducted by Mr. Nareshbhai Dekhtawala. Before the commencement of the program, Mr. Nareshbhai congratulated the survey participants. Beautiful songs performed by Panna Shah, Naliniben Shah, Ranjit Bharucha, Hirabhai Patel, Durgesh Shah and Naresh Dekhtawala. This entertainment program was enjoyed by all the members.

Secretary Shri Hirabhai Patel gave an idea of ​​the future situation in terms of planning of the annual program. And the symptoms of the corona virus and the research that has been done on the vaccine for it. President Dr. Regarding the annual picnic organized in July, Narasimhabhai Patel told that the planning of our picnic is based on how many people the government allows to gather at the picnic spot. After receiving a notification from the government that all members will be informed immediately.

At the end, Mr. Dilip Patel and Mr. Naveen Patel were congratulated by the President for their important contribution in organizing the Zoom Video Conferencing. Shortly after the program was over, everyone was given time to talk to each other, which many members took advantage of. After the program was over, everyone happily headed home for a meal.