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Vymo launches Manager Experience (MeX) to drive preemptive interventions and improve sales outcomes by over 200 per cent

Vymo Manager Experience (MeX)

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India] June 3 (ANI/PRNewswire): Vymo, a pioneer in sales automation and intelligence solutions for distributed sales teams has launched the Vymo Manager Experience (MeX), an upgrade on its Personal Sales Assistant app, focused on enabling managers to drive proactive interventions.
Currently being piloted with some of the largest financial services companies in the world, MeX has enabled sales teams to sell 2x more policies and collect 320 per cent more premiums. The solution has also reduced turnaround time for customers by 70-75 per cent.
Combining Vymo’s cutting edge features on sales activity capture and nudge intelligence, Vymo Manager Experience (MeX) enables:
* A unified view of sales teams’ KPIs with activities and goals,
* Comprehensive customer account and engagement planning, and
* In-the-moment coaching interventions through exception alerts
“Sales and CRM systems have generally been used as inspection tools by managers and supervisors. As a result, salespeople have always been skeptical of using new technology. Vymo has always put the sales end-user at the center of the experience, which is why we have a phenomenal daily user adoption of over 85 per cent. Manager experience helps managers move beyond monitoring activities to actually helping their teams meet outcomes proactively. Judging by the successful pilots we have had, we are excited to see this being adopted across the industry,” said Harish Vaidyanathan, SVP – Product, Vymo.
Vymo is hosting an expert insights session on Friday, 11:00 AM IST / 01:30 PM SGT to elaborate on how Vymo MEX helped managers empower their teams to improve performance metrics. The live discussion will be led by Harish Vaidyanathan, SVP – Product, Vymo. Click here to register – https://getvymo.com/mex
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