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Naga entrepreneurs supply organic vegetables, boost local employment during lockdown

Entrepreneurs from Nagaland have come forward to supply organic vegetables and other essential goods at wholesale rates at Dimapur market.

Dimapur (Nagaland) [India], May 14 (ANI): To avoid the risk of contracting coronavirus by importing vegetables from outside the state, a group of entrepreneurs from Nagaland has come forward to supply organic vegetables and other essential goods at wholesale rates at Dimapur market.
The move not only helped to combat the spread of coronavirus but to maintain the food supply chain during the government-imposed lockdown and also to provide employment opportunities to the locals.
According to Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur, Anoop Khinchi, the initiative is a “positive sign” as it not only maintained the food supply chain but has provided a platform for many people to start their own vegetable business.
“Many educated youths and entrepreneurs whose businesses stalled due to the lockdown are now engaging in these activities,” he explained.
Addressing another viewpoint, BAN (Business Association of Nagas) President, Vitho Zao, requested people to pay respect to the vendors while purchasing the vegetables.
“They are qualified and educated people. I hope this profession will not be looked down on as this is a dignity of labour,” he added.
These fresh organic vegetables are being sold at a very low price in the market.
Meanwhile, the healthcare workers are being trained regularly in every district of the state to fight against the COVID-19 crisis.
They are also being trained by the authorities on how to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits while working inside the COVID-19 ward or on the field.
Maintaining disciplined guidelines has made the state coronavirus-free until today. The lone patient who was tested positive earlier was included in Assam’s tally and he had been discharged having tested negative after treatment.
According to official sources, 18,282 citizens of Nagaland are stranded in different parts of the country and the state government has arranged transportation facilities for those who desire to return home.
Nagaland was also under lockdown for over 40 days in tune with the national lockdown. However, after 40 days, the state was declared a “Green Zone”, with certain relaxations till May 17. (ANI)

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