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No University of California Campus Will Fully Reopen This Fall

Janet Napolitano

OAKLAND, CA- University of California’s outgoing president Janet Napolitano addressed the struggles of the state’s university system amid the coronavirus pandemic in a webinar with the Bay Area Council on Thursday.

All 10 UC campuses are closed, and Napolitano said, “Reopening will be more difficult than shutting down was and there are lots of things to take into account.”

When the schools reopen in the fall, the experience offered to students will be different compared to what it was before COVID-19.

“I think it’s fair to say that none of our campuses will be fully reopened, like we’ve turned a light switch and all of a sudden COVID-19 was gone and it went away,” said Napolitano, who will be with the UC system through May. “I think what we are exploring is a mix where there will be some material that is delivered in a classroom or lab setting and other classes continue to be online.”

Before opening, the campuses will need to meet certain standards and requirements geared toward the safety of teachers and students.

In the near future, Napolitano said significant measures will need to be made to cut costs.