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US Senate approves USD 8.3 billion Bill to combat coronavirus


WASHINGTON , DC [USA]-: The US Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a USD 8.3 billion emergency funding bill for response efforts to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The Senate approved the measure in a 96-1 vote and the legislation will now head to US President Donald Trump’s desk for his signature.

US Senator Rand Paul voted against the bill and senators Mike Enzi, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren did not vote.

The House of Representatives passed the bill on Wednesday 415-2.

The bill includes USD 3 billion to develop vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics for the novel coronavirus; USD 2.2 billion for public health response efforts; USD 1 billion for medical supplies and other health care preparedness efforts.

In addition, the bill includes low-interest loans to help small businesses survive the economic damages brought on by the coronavirus outbreak and 1.25 billion to help overseas efforts contain it