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Japanese ‘Tuna King’ buys bluefin weighing 276 kg for USD 1.8 million

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Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 12 (ANI): A Japanese sushi magnate, Kiyoshi Kimura, kick-started 2020 by buying a huge tuna fish worth USD 1.8 million during an auction at Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market on Sunday.
Kimura, who describes himself as a ‘Tuna King’ and owns a restaurant chain named ‘Sushi Zanmai’ bought the bluefin species of tuna fish weighing 276 kilograms, reported NHK.
The price of the fish might blow away people but it isn’t the highest one paid for a tuna. During the same auction last year, a business tycoon bought a fish weighing 278 kilograms for USD 3.1 million.
According to NHK, the gigantic Pisces was caught from Japan’s northern city Aomori.
According to the World Wildlife Fund, bluefins are the largest species of the Tuna family and they have a lifespan of 40 years.
Bluefins are endangered species and can weigh about 680 Kg and can reach 10 feet in length. (ANI)