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‘Knives Out’ director mulls over idea of a sequel



New Delhi, Dec 7 : Director Rian Johnson of “Knives Out” is open to the idea of making a sequel of the murder mystery starring Daniel Craig and Chris Evans. He says it would be interesting to explore a whole new setting of a new mystery.

“I don’t even think of it as a sequel but as another mystery, in the same way Agatha Christie said,” Johnson told IANS.

“So, the idea of having a whole new cast of characters, a whole new setting and a new mystery (is fun)a and the form is so malleable. It will be a fun challenge to create a new mystery after this one that can draw people in a totally different and unexpected way. That’s a really fun challenge,” he added.

Johnson assembled a star cast led by Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis and Ana de Armas for the whodunnit murder mystery. The Lionsgate project released in India on November 29.

“We will see about the sequel. I don’t want to get ahead of myself. We’ll see how this goes,” he added.



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