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Why Lewis Capaldi wants dating help from friends?



Los Angeles, Nov 14 : Singer Lewis Capaldi is single, and wants his friends Ronnie Wood and Imelda May to play matchmakers for him.

On “Later With Jools Holland”, Capaldi had a fun chat with Ronnie and Imelda about relationships, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Ronnie invited Lewis to party with his group the Rolling Stones and told him that he’d have “no problem” finding someone to date there.

Ronnie said: “Come and be my guest. You’ll have no problem mate, that’s my advice to you, you stick in there, hang in there mate.”

But if he doesn’t want to wait that long, Imelda offered to introduce him to two of her single female friends.

To that, Capaldi said he’d be a good catch for a lucky lady.

Asked what he has to offer, Capaldi said: “A bit of wrestling, maybe some kissing, it would be nice to give some kisses. My mother makes a really good steak pie and she has been washing my underwear.”

The “Grace” hitmaker is also on dating app Tinder.



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