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Successfully Organized Vidanta Sadas First Event in St. Louis


ST LOUIS, MO- The first Vedanta Sadas event in St. Louis on Sunday, November 3, 2019 sponsored by the Hindu Temple of St. Louis, Daya Arts, Abhinaya, and the Vedanta Society of St. Louis was a grand success.

The main feature was Bharatanatyam concert that was masterfully executed by Kiran Rajagopalan, supported by highly talented musicians, Ramya Sundaresan Kapadia (Vocal), Kasi Aysola (Nattuvangam), Visesh Uppoor (Violin), and Suresh Kothandaraman (Mridangam). Although Kiran’s laya and adavus were impeccable, his bhava or expressions was what thrilled the audience! Kiran’s scholarship and research into the literature, history, and philosophy of India, were eloquently conveyed to engage and educate the audience. Overall, the dance, narration, and the music merged so well that it personified the true nature of “concert.”

The dance program was then followed by a short presentation by Dr. Raghavan Rajagopalan on Vedanta Desika’s work in celebrating his 750th birth anniversary, and by three excellent, scholarly presentation on the Vedanta philosophy by Swami Chetananada of Vedanta Society, Prof. David Griesedieck of University Missouri, St. Louis, and Prof. Talayanar Santhanam of St. Louis University. Each one addressed the three pillars of Vedanta, viz., Brahmasutra, Upanishad, and Bhagavad Gita, by highlighting the works of Bhagavan Veda Vyasa and Bhagavan Yagnavalkya. The event was well attended.