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Online registration of theft cases makes Delhi ‘Crime Capital’



New Delhi, Oct 25 (IANS) The National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) report ‘Crime in India-2017’ has revealed that ‘online’ registration of FIRs on theft and vehicle theft cases has increased manifold in Delhi and made it the ‘Crime Capital’.

In 2017, 75 per cent theft and vehicle theft cases were registered through online FIR. The remaining 25 per cent were related to the other criminal incidents in Delhi.

The online FIRs registered in connection with robberies and vehicle thefts has proved Delhi to be the ‘crime capital’ but the Delhi Police is not ready to speak on the topic.

The issue here is not to blame on data which was released by the NCRB but to evaluate the formula of the NCRB by which the data was calculated.

According to the criminal data records of the metropolitan cities of the country in 2017, a total of 2,33,580 criminal cases or FIRs were registered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in Delhi. In this figure, the number of cases of theft and vehicle theft was about 1,65,765. If we reduce the number of the online registered theft cases, then the number of the remaining online criminal cases are 67,815.

Delhi’s crime ranking-rating in the country should have been counted only on the basis of the remaining criminal cases, while the rating was done on the total number of criminal cases which were 2,33,580. Erroneously this ‘black-spot’ branded Delhi as a ‘crime capital’.

If we consider the formula for multiplying and calculating the Crime in India-2017 right, then the question arises if the Delhi Police formula of ‘online free FIR registrations’, which was implemented for the convenience of the public is right or not. Because of the formula, the Crime in India-2017 report has found the highest number of criminal cases in Delhi.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Rajan Bhagat of the Delhi Police Crime Branch speaking on the alleged wrong ‘multiplication’ of the data published in the 2017 crime report, told IANS, "yes, our online free FIR registrations could be a major reason for branding Delhi as a ‘crime capital’.

This was also accepted by Arun Bhagat, who was Delhi Police Commissioner in the 1990s and later retired as the Director of the Intelligence Bureau, "Yes, the figures of ‘free online FIR’ registration on theft and vehicle theft were enough to put black spot on Delhi. The NCRB should also have seen the calculation before publishing the report," he told IANS.

"Now, the NCRB has already released the data, I do not think it is appropriate to say much on it. However, the objection or suggestion is on the issue, the Bureau has to inform the Delhi Police or affected state police, before publishing the report," he added.


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