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Knife-wielding man attacks Indonesian Minister


Jakarta, Oct 10 (IANS) A knife-wielding man attacked an Indonesian Minister and a policeman on Thursday in Banten province.

Wiranto and the police officer were taken to a public hospital in Indonesia’s Pandeglang province, while the assailant and a woman whom authorities identified as his wife, were arrested, reports Efe news man.

The politician was injured in the abdomen but was reportedly in a stable condition, while the officer suffered wounds on his back. His condition was unknown.

Social media images show the moment Wiranto is attacked after exiting his vehicle before the assailant is neutralized by the politician and former leader of the Army’s entourage.

The Minister has been accused of human rights violations dating back to his days as leader of the armed forces during Indonesia’s 1998 student revolts and the months prior to the East Timor independence referendum in 1999.