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Voter-Card Mailing: ‘Join our email list!’

CHICAGO,IL- Voter cards are going out to Chicago’s 1.5 million registered voters with a new appeal: Join the 300,000 who are on the Election Board’s email list.

The Chicago Election Board has emails for roughly one-fifth of the voters, and most of for younger voters who have used online voter registration in the last five years. The majority of “legacy” voters who have been on the rolls longer do not have email addresses on file.

“The invitation is going out to all of our voters with their new voter cards, just in case someone may want to provide a more current email address,” said Chicago Election Board Chairwoman Marisel A. Hernandez.
Inside the mailing, each voter will find a unique code to use when submitting an email at chicagoelections.gov/email

“Email addresses let us reach out to voters at election time to invite them to Vote By Mail,” Hernandez said. “More importantly, email addresses are increasingly important parts of our contingency plans, in the event we have to alert
voters in a particular area of an emergency change, such as a precinct polling place.”

Hernandez noted that the Chicago Election Board’s privacy policy is to not share any voter’s email address with any outside organizations. The Board uses the email addresses only for election-related business