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UChicago Graduate Indian American Student is winner of the Wayne C. Booth Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

CHICAGO,IL – The University of Chicago in Illinois June 3 announced that four graduate students, including Indian American Varun Ahluwalia, have been named the 2019 winners of the Wayne C. Booth Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

The prize, also given to Gregory Rassolov, Brooke Weigel and Alexander Wolfson, is awarded annually to graduate students for outstanding instruction of undergraduates.

Before coming to UChicago for the Harris School’s Master of Public Policy program, Ahluwalia was a public servant back in India.

He worked in diverse roles in the federal government, from an early position with the central police force to his most recent job as the deputy accountant general for the northern province of Punjab, the university said.

Though he has a background in mechanical engineering, Ahluwalia has focused his studies at UChicago around economics, teaching the economics core sequence to undergrads and a microeconomics course to business students at Chicago Booth, it said.

“I hope to eventually earn a Ph.D. in public policy and economics, building a foundation of theory that can inform public policies in India,” the prize recipient noted.