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Manav Sadhna of Chicago Presented “Jai Jagat Show”


ELGIN, IL- On May 26,2019 Manav Sadhna, Chicago presented ” Jai Jagat Show” for the benifit of children of India at Hemmens Cultural Center in Elgin IL. This program was blessed to have too many sponsors and donations! Over 900 people attended this show and gave a standing ovation!

A team of 17 children, who grew up in the slums served by Manav Sadhna and who benefitted from its services, are touring the USA and U.K. Seven volunteers are accompanying them and some of those volunteers are our young, second-generation people from the USA, U.K., and Belgium, all of whom have been mentoring these children. They have been putting on an inspiring, multimedia show titled Jai Jagat, which is filled with dance, drama, and music.

The Message of the Jai Jagat Show: “We feel that now, more than ever, the world needs a message of love and transformation. The purpose of the Jai Jagat show is to plant seeds of hope that inspire the audience to be the change and to actively help shape a brighter tomorrow. The show incorporates real stories from heroes across the planet including Gandhiji, Malala, Wangari Mathai, Jose Mujica, and more. We would be more than happy to share the script if anyone is interested in the creative development of the show.

A few volunteers like Paresh Patel, Nimesh Patel, Viren Joshi, and Anjali Desai gave a speech about Manav Sadhna’s organization and the journey of Jai Jagat”

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