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Malaika Arora gets trolled over armpit picture


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Mumbai, May 30 : Actress Malaika Arora got trolled on social media after she shared a photograph of herself flaunting what many felt was armpit hair.

Malaika on Wednesday shared a ‘behind the scenes’ monochrome image of her from a photoshoot, on Instagram. A section of social media users criticised it.

The post, however, received over three million ‘likes’. Social media users commented that she should have waxed before the shoot, while some even found it disgusting.

One user wrote: "Atleast shave your armpits, that’s disgusting", while another wrote: "I can see those dirty underarms."

Some even supported her bold move.

One wrote: "Love the unedited underarms", and another commented: "Being real is the new sexy."

There was a user who pointed out the hypocrisy by writing: "So apparently men are allowed to have hair in the underarm area and if women have them, it’s disgusting and pathetic? Way to go hypocrisy!"