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Multiple Award Winning Media Veteran Abhishek Bhatt at NASDAQ

NEW YORK, ,NY- A multiple award-winning media veteran, Abhishek Bhatt of New Jersey, helped ring in the opening bell at NASDAQ to kick off the financial literacy month of April earlier this month in a ceremony in New York.

The launch was part of a new initiative by CNBC in partnership with Acorns, a unique investment app, to help Americans save and invest more to secure their future. Called Invest In You – Ready. Set. Grow. – the campaign hopes to educate, encourage and provide tools for Americans to grow their wealth. “40% of Americans can’t afford a $400 emergency,” says Abhishek, Director of Brand Marketing for the worldwide leader in business and financial news, CNBC “they’ll have to sell something off to cover an unforeseen expense of such a low amount. Furthermore, 60% of Americans spend more than they earn. There’s a savings crisis in America, and we hope to change it.”

Abhishek is passionate about the subject of financial literacy through his work at CNBC and his intimate involvement with the campaign resulted in him being at the forefront on April 1 opening bell at NASDAQ along side Mark Hoffman – CEO of CNBC and Adena Friedman – CEO of Nasdaq. “For 30 years, CNBC has democratized the financial markets, educating investors to unlock the potential of the markets. Our mission is to now democratize finance across the board for all Americans.” Apart from launching a special report that helps users to save, invest and grow their money through education, tips and surveys, CNBC tied up with the Acorns app that helps users to invest through their spare change and grow their wealth in time.

The Indian community, with it’s long ingrained culture of savings, fares better. However, these tools add a new and interesting millennial spin for the younger generation to engage and take ownership to kickstart their financial future.