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Musical Evening by United Senior Pariwar

CHICAGO,IL- Seniors of United Senior Pariwar, Chicago enjoyed Musical Evening with Shree Shailendra Bhattnagar, Mihir Acharya, Mrs. Jigna Pathak and Ms. Mangla. More then. 300 seniors enjoy this evening at Swaminarayan Temple in Wheeling IL.

Secretary Ramesh Chokshi Welcome all members including Chairman Shree Mafatbhai Patel, Advisory committee member Shree Sureshbhai Shah, Shree Rohitbhai Joshi, Mrs. Ushaben Kamariya and Hiteshbhai Desai from Air tours.

Deep Pragtya by Chairman Mafatbhai Patel, Advisory committee member Shree Sureshbhai Shah, President Ramanbhai Patel, Vice president Chhitubhai Patel, Treasurer Hasmukhbhai Soni, Secretary Ramesh Chokshi , Shailendra Bhattnagar, Mihir Acharya, Jigna Pathak, and Manglaji.Swalok chanted by Acharya Shree Rohitbhai Joshi.

Ramesh Chokshi introduce Ex. Secretary Shree Sureshbhai Shah. Shree Mafatbhai Patel presented plaque to Sureshbhai Shah for their recognize and dedicated selfless services to the community ,

President Ramanbhai Patel and Mrs. Kantaben Patel honor to Mr.Shah presenting shawl flowers to Mr. Shah. Sureshbhai Shah thanked to all board of trustees, Advisory committee members and Executive committee members . He assure that he will be ready all the time give advise and work with committee members. He also states about new laws of SSI and Obama Care , Medicare and Medicaid.

Ramesh Chokshi introduce treasurer Hasmukhbhai Soni who is retiring this year, He state that Hasmukhbhai was a pioneer member of this organization and act active part to establish this organization in 2008. He work as a assurer since 2010. He is very very hard for organization. Shree Ramanbhai Patel president present plaque to Hasmukhbhai Soni and Ramesh Chokshi read plaque. Vice president Chhitubhai Patel and Mrs. Manjulaben Patel honor him by presenting shawl to him Secretary Ramesh Chokshi greet him by presenting him flowers. Hasmukhbhai Soni thanks to all trustee board members, advisory committee members, executive committee members, volunteers, all members, management of Wheeling temple, and singers. He also assure that he will be ready all time to help in organization for any work.

Kanubhai Patel greet Mafatbhai patel by presenting flowers, Mafatbhai Patel gave small speech and thanks to all for helping and greet for Christmas and coming New Year. Ramanbhai Patel gave small speech and states how they establish this organization,

Virendra Patel Greet Ushaben Kamaria by presenting flowers. Ushben thanks to all and she is very fortunate to join in this organization.

Well known singers of Chicago Mr. Shailendra Bhatt Nagar, Mr. Mihir Acharya, Mrs. Jigna Pathak and Manglaji entertain to all by bollywood songs, gujarati geet and garba, Every one enjoy this evening.

At the end every one enjoy delicious dinner of Swami Narayan Temple.