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Coffee works wonders for teamwork: study

COLUMBUS, OH — Finding it hard to get your team to work together? A cup of coffee may be the key to staying alert and working well together, says a team of researchers, including Indian American Amit Singh.

According to the research, people who drank coffee before working had more positive feedback of their group’s performance as well as their own contribution on a given task.

Coffee seems to work its magic in teams by making people more alert, said Singh of Ohio State University.

“Not surprisingly, people who drank caffeinated coffee tended to be more alert. We found that increased alertness was what led to the positive results for team performance,” Singh said.

The results were based on twin studies, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, involving over 100 students.

While one study showed that those who drank coffee before the discussion rated themselves and their fellow team members more positively than those who drank coffee after the discussion, the second found that those who drank the caffeinated coffee rated themselves as more alert than those who drank decaf.