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Professions don’t matter in friendship: Anuj Sachdeva



Mumbai, April 27 : Actor Anuj Sachdeva believes that two actors or people from any field can be friends as friendship has got nothing to do professions.

Anuj will soon be seen in "The Reunion…Jab They Met Again", which is a 10-episode finite series from The Zoom Studios and will premiere on Zoom styled by Myntra on Saturday.

It is about a group of friends from Bourbon High’s class of 2008 who reunite after 10 years at a hill station where unresolved issues surface and play the party spoiler highlighting the fact that sometimes to look forward, it’s important to rewind and see how far you have come.

Asked if two actors can be friends, Anuj told IANS: "Two people can be friends. Professions really don’t matter. I am friends with a few actors but I would have been friends with them had they not been actors also."

"I am friends with a few TV actors like Gaurav Khanna, Hussain, Smriti Kalra, Mohit Malhotra and Angad Hasija. We do hang out as and when we get some free time. Gaurav and I love to play PS4 together. Mohit and I like to go out partying once in a way," he added.

On his ‘real’ life childhood friends, he said: "I have a few college friends from Delhi who I am still quite close to. But I guess I really share a strong bond with a couple of friends whom I met later on in life."

How have his real life experiences enabled him to easily connect with his character in the show "The Reunion….Jab They Met Again"?

"I did take a few instances of my real life into the character, especially the part where my best friend keeps giving me lectures when I do something wrong and I keep telling her ‘lecture mat do’ (don’t lecture me).

"I actually used this line in the show. Other than that, the character was very fictional and not really something I would relate to or be in real life."


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