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NY couple sued again for fake jewelry scam


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NEW YORK, NY — An Indian American couple who has been accused of scamming a New York philanthropist into spending millions on fake jewelry is now being sued by a financial executive, also in Manhattan, for the same scam.

Nisha Sabharwal and her husband Mohit Sabharwal have been sued by Sonia Toledo for allegedly tricking her into spending $1 million on fake jewelry.

According to court documents cited in the report, Toledo met Sabharwal in 2012 and, after she essentially brought her into her family, including inviting her to holiday gatherings in Florida, she duped Toledo, a Harvard graduate, into buying the jewels.

Sabharwal claimed to have “access to spectacular, antique Indian jewels, including one-of-a-kind heirlooms from the personal collection of an Indian princess,” says the suit filed last month.

The jewels, however, were knock-offs.

Toledo first bought a “ruby” bracelet in June 2012 for $1,800, according to the suit cited by the report. In reality, the bracelet was worth $129, the report said.

The alleged scam came to light when Shelley Rubin, an art collector in New York, filed a lawsuit against the Sabharwals for providing her fraudulent jewelry that Nisha Sabharwal claimed belonged to an Indian princess.

When Toledo saw those reports, she realized she was a victim of the same scam, her court papers said.

Toledo said that in 2014 alone, she paid more than $400,000–including $150,000 for two necklaces with “antique snakes”–which had an actual value of $17,500.

“Nisha actually stripped Toledo’s family heirlooms of their valuable jewels, replacing them with fakes or imitation stones,” the filing alleges.

The lawsuit is seeking damages to be determined.


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