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75th blood donation camp by Joyalukkas


CHICAGO, IL – Joyalukkas, the world’s favourite jeweller with showrooms, is an organization that is strongly committed to CSR activities because the group’s visionary chairman Joy Alukkas believes “Every organization should be responsible for the society and environment they exist in”.

Hospitals barely manage to gather the quantity of blood required to serve the needs of the local population. The Joyalukkas Foundation, the Group’s CSR division, leads various initiatives that save lives and foster community well- being throughout the year.

One of them is frequent blood donation drives wherein Joyalukkas employees and the public voluntarily give lifesaving blood.

Beginning in the UAE in 2004, Joyalukkas Foundation, headed by Jolly Joy, director, Joyalukkas Group, has organized blood donation drives throughout the 11 countries Joyalukkas operates in.

Under the banner “Donate blood. Be a Hero” and with the support of the Dubai Department of Health & Medical Services, Joyalukkas conducted their 75th blood donation camp at Latifa Hospital, Dubai on June 13.

“The blood donation drive is an invaluable service to the public,” said Joy Alukkas, chairman & MD, Joyalukkas Group. “And we would like to thank everyone, especially our staff, who have wholeheartedly participated in this initiative, some from the first one in 2004.

“Every minute, someone needs blood because he or she was injured in an accident, in surgery or have an existing condition that requires regular blood donation.

“In the UAE, the need to donate blood rises during summer and especially in the month of Ramadan. That’s why it means a lot to conduct this drive now, and during the UAE’s appointed Year of Giving. With 1 unit of blood and just 15 minutes of your time, you could be a hero to up to three people.”

The Joyalukkas blood donation campaign has collected a total of 2,600 units of blood in the UAE alone, and has also begun platelet donations. A state-of-the-art system also maintains the details of every donor for quick reference should the need arise.