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A bra that regulates itself according to use


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Melbourne, Dec 14: Australian researchers are developing a bra that has “artificial muscles” to provide more support to its wearer.

Designed by researchers from the University of Wollongong, the bra aims to prevent numbness, nerve compression and back pain that could be caused by a badly fitting innerwear, mirror.co.uk reported.

“Unfortunately, the most supportive sports bras tend to be the most uncomfortable to wear,” Julie Steele, developer of the new bra, was quoted as saying.

New materials and 3D printing techniques have made a prototype possible after 15 years of development.

Fibres made from coiled fishing lines sense breast motion and tighten up, contracting the fabric and providing more support for the chest.

“If you’re sitting down, it can be nice and relaxed. However, if you suddenly stand up and have to run for a bus for instance, it can detect the change in the amount your breasts move and how fast they move, and then tighten up in response to that load,” Steele said. (Bollywood Country Report)

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