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NC neither outside sponsors’ creation nor any agency’s baby: Omar


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Jammu, Nov 12 (IANS) Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said Tuesday his party National Conference is neither the creation of an outside sponsor nor the baby of any agency as it owes its strength to the people of the state.

Addressing election rallies at Ukhral, Khari and Neel villages of Bannihal assembly constituency in Ramban district, Abdullah said: "We are not the baby of any agency, nor the creation of any outside sponsor. We owe our existence and power to common masses of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and we only bank upon the public support."

He hinted at the formation of his arch-rival Peoples Democratic Party by former state governor, Jagmohan to damage the local base of the NC and scuttle its political agenda for peaceful and modern Jammu and Kashmir.

Reminding the people of great sacrifices of his party and its stalwarts to safeguard the interests of the state and to ensure empowerment of the people, Abdullah said NC’s birth in the state has been as a public movement rather than a party and its political agenda is holistic, inclusive and youth-oriented.

He alleged that presently old enemies of the NC along with their associates have gathered in new form under one umbrella to break NC’s public base by resorting to falsehood and baseless propaganda.

"Teach them a lesson once again as you did in 1977 when they were in another disguise to tarnish your unity and strength. They camouflage with different situations to give illusion of being your friends but their vengeance, hostility and animosity against NC and its political agenda comes to fore by their own actions and omissions," he said, seeking support for party candidate Sajjad Shaheen.

Bannihal goes to vote on Nov 25 in the first phase of the five-phase state assembly elections.