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March 2014

Need to create designs reflecting contemporary India: Manish Malhotra

New Delhi, March 1: Celebrated fashion designer Manish Malhotra believes that innovative silhouettes with an essence of local craftsmanship, culture and a touch of modernity can work wonders for the globalisation of Indian crafts."What works for our Indian crafts is the mix of craftsmanship, culture and a touch of modernity that does not just mean the westernisation of Indian silhouettes but about a thought that leads to several unusual and innovative silhouettes like the sari jacket, lehenga anarkali, long kurtas with…

Shaking hands? Turn to this device to stop tremors

New York, March 1: Do you feel embarrassed at social luncheons because you can't control your hands from shaking uncontrollably due to a medical condition? Take heart.Created by an Indian-origin entrepreneur, a new hand-held electronic device is here that can help such patients overcome the hand shakes caused by essential tremor - the most common movement disorder. Developed by San Francisco-based start-up firm Lift Labs that is a brainchild of Anupam Pathak, the device was clinically tested at University of Michigan's…

Rihanna’s dress that made heads turn

Los Angeles, March 1: Singer Rihanna recently stepped out in a see-through outfit for a fashion house's party in Paris.She was seen in a black see-through fishnet and leather skirt creation, which gave a glimpse of her front and stud on her bust on Thursday night, reports mirror.co.uk. She sported the risky look for the Balmain fashion show after party held in Paris.

Patrick Wilson to feature in ‘Ant-Man’

Los Angeles, Mar 1: Actor Patrick Wilson joins the cast of Marvel superhero movie "Ant-Man"."The Conjuring" star will be seen with Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas in the movie, reports deadline.com. The 40-year-old's role is unspecified in the film, while it is believed Rudd will play Scott Lang, the new incarnation of Ant-Man, and Douglas will play Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, who discovered the scientific technology which affords the hero his powers. "Ant-Man" will be directed by Edgar…

Learn how this enzyme protects you from infections

Washington, Mar1:The mystery behind an essential weapon in the body's fight against infection has now been unlocked - a discovery that can enable new strategies for fighting infectious agents and possibly prostate cancer and obesity.Researchers at Princeton University in New Jersey have created 3D structure of an enzyme that cuts to ribbons the genetic material of viruses and helps defend against bacteria. "Known as RNase L, the human form of this enzyme which is a first responder in the body's innate immune system was…
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