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China’s ‘more reforms’ decision causes media buzz



Beijing, Nov 13: The Chinese media Wednesday was abuzz with anticipation following the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to further expand reforms.

The third plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee that concluded Tuesday in Beijing approved a decision on "major issues concerning comprehensively deepening reform". 

Commenting on the announcement made after the plenary session, the Global Times, in an opinion piece, said this has “set the course for China’s future reform”. 

“Some questioned whether the central government would be determined to ‘gnaw at a hard bone’ while advancing reforms before the Third Plenary Session. The public now should shift their attention to how to put the framework into practice,” Global Times said. 

According to the article, the document released after the session is feasible in practice, of high theoretical value, and represents the social consensus on reform. 

“Opinion leaders with discourse power should contribute to the implementation of the framework rather than triggering superfluous debates such as ‘What is real reform?’," it said. 

“With the advancing of reform, we should firmly oppose vested interest groups. The authority of the central government on coordinating reform should be supported. In present-day society, interests have become pluralistic – if we don’t seek a consolidation of group interests and whole social interests, reform will be an empty slogan.”

However, Global Times said that equating reform with enhancing social welfare should be opposed. 

“Welfare standard depends on the ability to create wealth and a sound allocation mechanism. Some advocate that reform needs to quickly establish a generous welfare system in which free medical and education systems are guaranteed, but such misleading thoughts should be cautioned against,” it said. 

In a commentary piece, the People’s Daily, the flagship newspaper of the CPC, praised the party meeting, calling for greater contributions to comprehensively deepening reform.


It said the decision analysed major issues concerning reform, development and stability in China, explaining the significance and future direction of the reforms, and putting forward guiding ideology, goals and principles of deepening reforms.

The decision would serve as a guideline and programme of action for reforms in a new historical starting point of the Party, the commentary said.

The piece outlined major guidelines of the decision, including improving the modern market system, accelerating the transformation of government functions, deepening fiscal and taxation system reform, improving integration of development of urban and rural areas, strengthening the socialist democratic political system, as well as promoting the rule of law.

According to the commentary, if the targets of the decision are achieved, the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an allround way will also be achieved.


An opinion piece in the China Daily said that further reform would prompt measures to balance interests, release market potential and strengthen the rule of law.

“History and our experiences over the past more than 30 years show that the key to achieving national rejuvenation, prosperity and the well-being of the people is to rely on reform and the continuous release of reform dividends,” it stated.

“China’s reform has entered the ‘deep water area’ and it will be a profound, complicated and arduous process never before seen in history,” the opinion piece said, adding that economic restructuring, social transformation and administrative transition are dependent on major breakthroughs in reforms.

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