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Israeli military confirms air attack on Gaza


Jerusalem, Oct 28: The Israeli military confirmed on Monday its air strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip following rockets and mortars fired from Gaza into Israel earlier in the day.

"In response to the numerous rockets and mortars launched at Israel in the past 24 hours, Israel Air Force aircraft targeted two concealed rocket launchers in the northern Gaza Strip," Xinhua reported citing a statement issued by the Israel Defence Forces.

"Hamas must take responsibility for these actions (rocket fire) or pay the price for inaction" Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, Israel Defence Forces spokesman, said in the statement

"Direct hits were confirmed," it added, without providing more information on possible casualties.

Rockets were fired Monday morning from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. One rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome Missile Defence System above Ashkelon city, and Israel Defence Forces are searching the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council for another projectile, the statement said.

A mortar shell fired Sunday from the Gaza Strip landed in Israel adjacent to the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip.