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A remedy for affording med school


New York: Xavier University School of Medicine at Aruba (XUSOM.com) is pleased to announce the availability of student loans starting in January 2013. New students enrolled in first semester Basic Sciences will have the opportunity to apply for the loan.

“XUSOM’s goal from day one has been to offer a quality medical education at an affordable cost,” said XUSOM President Ravishankar (Ravi) Bhooplapur. “The XUSOM Student Loan Program reaffirms our commitment to helping students become stellar physicians.”

In addition to the new student loan program, XUSOM offers academic scholarships to qualified students and interest free payment plans. Visit the school’s Web site, www.xusom.com, to learn more about financial assistance programs.

The loan is offered by Richland State Bank of South Dakota. Eligible students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

XUSOM was chartered in the Caribbean in 2004 by the Ministry of Education of Aruba. The school was founded to educate students in the art of medicine via a U.S.-based medical school curriculum. The dedicated physicians and faculty that lead the school focus on providing students the knowledge they need to successfully enter U.S. residency programs. With its admissions office in Woodbury, NY, Xavier is one of the most affordable medical schools with excellent faculty, and campus facilities. Best of all, the MCAT is not required for admission.