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Secret to finding happiness

Islandia, NY: The stage was stark. No paraphernalia, not even a lowly chair, not to speak of the throne like couch many gurus like to sit on. Just plain red backdrop. The 400-strong audience in the hall of Marriott Islandia hotel on Long Island was expectant this balmy afternoon last Sunday, but having not a clue what to expect or even what the speaker looks like.

Then Mahatria walked in, wearing white kurta-pajama, and sporting Sai Baba hairdo. “Happy afternoon!” he greeted the audience. As expected, people did not know how to respond to this unusually worded greeting. It was a ploy. He took off from there, pointing out that we may be living our lives by rote and need to snap out of it.

He came across as more a motivational guru than a spiritual master when he hammered home his prescription for a life of meaning and fulfillment, which is to balance these four aspects.

Happiness in the small things of life
Success in the big things of life
Meditation on the nothing of life
God in everything of life.
An engaging and commanding orator, Mahatria (real name T.T. Rangarajan) expounded on these four points for two full hours, often with the help of anecdotes and stories. He recounted how his own transformation started when a child he was with laughed out of the blue and when asked, countered, “Do I need a reason to be happy?” Indeed, we should keep the child in us alive, and not need reasons to be happy, and instead bring celebration in everyday activities of life.

On the second point, Mahatria said, “Each one of you is unique, ‘son of God’, and should live life with that inheritance.” That means stepping out of our comfort zone, working towards something larger than ourselves, walking the extra mile and putting others ahead of us. That is how an Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu becomes Mother Teresa.

Need for meditation, he explained in terms of breaking our incessant doing and mental traffic jams with a period of non-doing, of withdrawal.

On the question of God, he said skeptics and agnostics do not find a convincing proof of the existence of God, but no matter. Offering gratitude to God (call it Energy, if you wish) is a sure way to be happy. Proof of righteous life is the happiness that manifests.

Outside the hall, material about Mahatria’s teachings was on sale, and information given on a one-day retreat he was leading on October 21 at Woodlands at the Greens in Melville, NY.

Based in Chennai, Mahatria is on a lecture tour of the USA and Canada this month.

According to his promotional material, he has transformed hundreds of thousands of people by providing significant breakthroughs in their lives. Realizing the great hunger in the world for a new way of life, he has recently divined the path as ‘infinitheism’.

His vision of lifting humanity to a higher level of consciousness is carried through his experiential workshops, residential retreats and a magazine – ‘infinithoughts’. His published books include ‘Unposted Letter’ and the recent ‘Most and More’.

For more info go to infinitheism.com.