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Scientists discover unique sea snake


Sydney : A unique species of sea snake discovered in the Gulf of Carpenteria, northern Australia, has raised scales.The finding by Bryan Fry, associate professor from the University of Queensland, and colleagues from the University of Adelaide provide important clues about evolution.

Fry said that Hydrophis Donaldii had evaded earlier discovery, as it prefers estuarine habitats that are poorly surveyed and not targeted by commercial fisheries, the journal Zootaxa reported.

“All venomous animals are bio-resources and have provided sources of many life-saving medications, such as treatments for high-blood pressure and diabetes,” said Fry, according to a university statement.

“This reinforces why we need to conserve all of nature, as the next billion dollar wonder-drug may come from as unlikely a source as sea snake venom,” Fry said.

The snake has been given the scientific name Hydrophis Donaldii to honour Fry’s long-time boat captain David Donald. It has also been named a “rough-scaled sea snake” to reflect the unique scalation.

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